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Homepage: Search page.

How often do you use search engines? How often do you think other people will? (A lot!) And if they do, do you think they’ll click on ads? Of course they will! It's free for them... And money for you.

Section 1 - Shopping

People will have no problem with coming there in droves. They’ll click, and you’ll earn the cash. Piece of cake!

Section 2 - Travel

Snobby rich folks use the “Web” to plan for travel... They’ll use your site for advice, and click while they’re there. It’s like a fat injection for your bank account!

Section 3 - Finance

Hundreds of millions of people need help with their credit. Poor guys have debt coming out of their ears... They’ll come to your site for help... And they’ll be making you rich


Section 4 - Cars

Millions of people love cars... but the sorry souls have to watch how much they spend, so they need advice on buying... That’s why they’ll come to this site. They come, and click, and you’ll get rich (and maybe filthy rich, like me).

Section 5 - Computers

Most people own a computer but don't have a clue about the technical stuff like upgrading, which software to buy, how to protect themselves from viruses etc. This is a website they would need to keep coming back to again and again which mean money for you again and again.

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